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It was wonderful to see so many parents sharing their children's achievements during our Learning Celebration on Wednesday. Lots of great conversations, laughter and positivity. Very well done O3 students and thank you parents and caregivers for taking the time to come along and celebrate.

Week 4
This week Writing and Reading will be fully integrated. We will be choosing our favourite animal to research and write a report on. We will use books from our library and at least two sites on our devices. We will take notes under specific headings and then compile a report. We will choose our method of presenting the final report.
We will be working in mixed ability groups to complete an activity which involves calculating area and using our design skills. This also involves knowledge and strategies in multiplication. 

Wednesday 24 is our Learning Celebration afternoon/evening. Don't forget that school finishes at lunch time on this day 

Week 3
We will continue to look at procedural writing. We are also setting our goals for improvement this term.
We carried out practical measurement activities in the classroom and around the school last week. We will look at perimeter and area this week. Group work focus is multiplication and division. 
Some groups will read and perform plays. One play 'Ancient History' links well to our Inquiry focus on Change; it deals with lifestyle/technology, present and future. One group will be reading about earthworms including information on how they change soil for the better. Another group will be reading Mahinga Kai Crusaders, which is about the Maori tradition of gathering food. We will be considering the change in eating habits that have occurred over time. 

Week 2
We will be writing letters of appreciation to very special people for their very special upcoming day. We will also look at procedural writing. 
We will be looking at Measurement, starting with length, perimeter and area. Numeracy work will continue in groups according to needs.
Well done to those children who now know all their multiplication tables! 
Group work according to needs. Some of us will read about changes in society regarding how we spend our leisure time. Another group will read about the similarity between early Maori artwork with the rest of the world and how it has since changed/developed. 
We will continue delving into the fascinating subject of chemical change.

Week 1
I hope you all had a lovely Easter and a great holiday break. I know I did!

We will be revisiting the success criteria for Recount Writing and looking at ways in which we can improve our work. We will also start some Report Writing.
Buddy spelling tests this week.
This week's focus is multiplication and ensuring that those who need to are on task with learning their times tables. We will be using the BBC Skillswise site to help learn and consolidate this important knowledge. Our Strand this term is Measurement. 
Some of you may have attended an ANZAC commemoration service on Tuesday. We will be using School Journal articles and an online book to read about aspects of the First World War. One group will look at the role of Te Hokowhitu-a-Tu, The Maori Pioneer Battalion, in the First World War. Another group will read about the origin of ANZAC biscuits and another will read a story about Simpson and his donkey at Gallipoli. 
Inquiry Our focus this term is Change in relation to chemical change. 


Week 11
We will be finishing our Hundertwasser art pieces. We will share these, along with all our other displayed work, with our VLC Team. This will take place  on Tuesday when we are having a 'walk and talk' through the six classes. 
We will look at some book reviews and write our own on Holes by Louis Sachar, the class novel we have just finished. 
Continue with group work according to needs. Learn about Stem and Leaf graphs. 
Comprehension and vocabulary work. We will read and perform plays in our groups. 
Finish our Hundertwasser Art and reflect on the Inquiry Process in relation to this activity. In doing this we will have our first experience of using Workspace on our devices. 

Bold shapes, bright colours,  few straight lines

 Hundertwasser Art

Hard at work

Works in progress

Week 10

We will be completing a Writing Sample for assessment. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us and we will have Waterwise, after which we will recount our experiences. We will also look at alliteration.
Differentiated group work for numeracy. As a class we will explore line graphs. Keep learning those multiplication tables, especially those of you who don't yet know your 2, 5 and 10 times tables. 
Group work according to needs. Some of us will be comparing and contrasting different communities. Others are looking at the relationship/connectedness between dogs and man. Another group are coming to the end of their novel study on C.S Lewis' novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
We will be creating local scenes in the style of Hundertwasser as part of our enquiry into connecting with our environment and art heritage. 

Waterwise this week weather permitting Unfortunately cancelled due to the weather. Hoping this might take place in Term 4

Week 9
With Waterwise being cancelled, instead of our recounts, we wrote thank you letters to the swim instructors who taught us at the Leisure Centre recently. We read an interesting New Zealand Herald article on our devices entitled 'All Kiwi Kids should get Free and Equal Access to swimming Lessons' and used some of the information in our letters. This week we will be writing about our favourite place. 
Work on basic facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Differentiated group work in addition and subtraction. 
Group work according to needs. As a class we looked at a School Journal article on Hundertwasser and did some research on his life as a lead up to art work using his style. 
We have considered discrimination and will continue with our Sneetches unit to further understand how our beliefs and values influence who we are and what we do.

PLEASE NOTE: Waterwise for O3 is now scheduled for week 10 
Wednesday 5 April 9:20 - 10:30 Please let me know if you are able to assist. Thank you.

Week 8
Focusing on things we know and connect with, we will publish our poems entitled 'My House'. We will write a recount/review of our Waterwise experience and also look at metaphor.
Our spelling programme continues and we should all be learning our individual list of words ready for buddy testing next week. 
We are looking at strategies for addition. One group is working on understanding place value and addition for decimals. Keep working at the multiplication tables you don't know. Focus on only one at a time. You will find you already know parts through your knowledge of other tables. 
Group work according to needs. 
We will be considering difference and how we relate to others who are different from us. 

Wednesday: Waterwise postponed

Week 7
This week we have our LA, Lizzy Dickie, joining us. Haere Mai. Welcome.

Continuing with our inquiry focus of connection, we will be writing about someone we admire. 
We will continue with our work on plural nouns and start to look at the correct use of the apostrophe. 
Group work to suit needs - addition and place value. We have explored tally charts, dot plot and block graphs as well as pie charts. This week we will look at strip graphs.
Group work according to needs. Focus on reorganising information which relates to 'sorting out' in our inquiry work. 
We are looking at our connection to the local environment and will be considering information about the facilities available to us here on the Hibiscus Coast.

Tuesday: final swimming lesson at the Leisure Centre
Friday: school pool, weather permitting

Week 6
We will look at using similes and write to describe a pet. The focus will be on recrafting our writing for best possible use of language. PAT testing for punctuation and grammar is scheduled for Monday morning. 
Following PAT and number knowledge testing groups will be established to focus on students needs. 
Reading groups are up and running now. Students will be working to improve comprehension skills and develop fluency and accuracy in their reading.  
We will revisit our questions and continue to focus on 'finding out'. 
We started some art work which connected us to our local environment, specifically Many Beach. After our Waterwise session and a leisurely lunch under the shade of pohutukawa trees, we sketched the beach foreground and horizon. Back at school we have produced lovely seascapes using chalk, pastel and black dye. Here is one showing the process, (half has been dyed as the final step).
Monday: we will be using the bikes in school, make sure you have shoes.
Tuesday: swimming lessons at the Leisure Centre
Wednesday: listening skills will be assessed with PAT  
Thursday: Year 5/6 SWIMMING SPORTS all day at the Leisure Centre
Friday: mufti day
Saturday: SCHOOL GALA! postponed

Week 5
Writing: in connection with 'Connectedness' (Whanaungatanga) we will be writing about our friends. Our focus is to write in correctly punctuated sentences and use descriptive language to add detail and interest. We need to edit and recraft to ensure we meet these criteria.
Last week we set up a journal on our devices and we will add more entries this week.   
Maths: Work on basic facts and place value will continue, with some work on statistics. 
Reading: Comprehension work, with an emphasis on inference this week, will continue. We are reading about things 'New Zealand' to tie in with Whanaungatanga - connections to our country and culture. 
Inquiry: Following last week's 'tuning in' where we made a Wonder Wall with our questions, we will look at 'finding out'
What do I need to do?
Where do I need to go?                                  
Who could I talk to?
How could I investigate this?
How will I record/document this?
What skills do I need to use to find out?
What will help me learn more?
What do I need to organise?
Swimming is Tuesday  
Mufti day Friday  

This week, first block, is PAT assessment in Mathematics, Reading Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension (Monday, Wednesday Friday). This gives detailed information regarding achievement and progress.   

Week 4
This week we will be setting up our devices. Exciting!
Wednesday: swimming lessons at the Leisure Centre.
Thursday: Waterwise at Big Manly Beach.
Writing: We will write about 'Our Favourite Things' and publishing this work. Testing of the Essential Spelling lists will continue. Vivid vocabulary to extend our understanding and use of new words. 
Reading: Comprehension including predicting, questioning, suumarising and evaluating. 
Maths: Basic facts and place value. I am screening every student for their number knowledge and use of strategy. This will help in establishing groups.
Inquiry: Tuning in:
What do I already think, know and feel about this?
Do I have any questions at this stage?
What are they?
How can I show what I think about this already?
What am I expecting to find out/do with this?
Why is this important to do/learn about?
What else does this remind me of?
What puzzles me about this? 

Week 3
In mathematics this week will exploring statistics. Our writing focus will be on constructing a recount about an interesting event and creating a poem about ourselves. 
Monday is our library day and our first visit as a class will be this week. Also, this Monday Mrs Truebridge will be taking us for music. 

In week two we conducted a survey and collected data on the traffic along Ladies Mile.

Haere Mai Welcome to O3 2017

I hope you all enjoyed your summer break. Welcome back! Room 03 is ready and waiting for you, a blank canvas for us to fill on our learning journey for 2017 

I am looking forward to meeting with you on Wednesday and Thursday next week. 

Weeks 1-2 

Whangaungatanga/Relationships - our focus 

We will continue to get to know one another, build relationships and develop a sense of belonging in Room 03.

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